St George's Day Quiz 2016

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St George is the patron saint of which country in the UK?


On what date does England celebrate St Georges date?
23 April


Which hymn is traditionally sung on St Georges Day?


What form does the flag of St George take?
A red cross on a white background


Which of the following countries is St George the patron saint, Georgia, Palestine,Portugal, Malta, and England.
All of them


St George was born in which part of the world?
Middle East, Cappadocia, part of modern day Turkey.


St George is thought to have died on 23 April of what year?
303 AD


How long did St George live in England?
He never lived there, and in fact never even visited the country.


What profession was St George?
A soldier in the Roman army


St George if often depicted slaying a dragon, in what year did he slay one?
He didn't - they did not exist.