It Happened in June

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All the questions are about events that happened in the month of June.


The War of the Roses was ended when Lancastrian forces defeated Yorkist supporters in the final battle of the war. In which county did the final battle take place?


In this month in 1936, Gone With the Wind was first published. Who was the author?
Margaret Mitchell


In 1913, Emily Davison a women's suffrage activist is fatally injured. How?
Trampled by King George V's horse at the Epsom Derby.


In 1883 the train line that is identified with intrigue and luxury travel started operations. What is it called?
The Orient Express


On 6th June 2016 a month of religious observance and fasting, for the Muslim faith, begins. What is this period know as?


In June 1949 George Orwell published his political novel of life under a totalitarian government. What was it called?
Nineteen Eighty-four


In 1862, General Stonewall Jackson concluded his Shenandoah Valley Campaign. In which war?
American Civil War


The first Boat race held on the Thames between Oxford and Cambridge took place in June of this year. Was it a) 1829 b) 1849 c) 1869
a) 1829


On her birthday, in 1942 ,Anne Frank began keeping a diary. How old was she?


In 1894 an international congress in Paris founded the International Olympic Committee to reinstate the ancient Olympic Games. Who led the committee?
Pierre de Coubertin