TV of the 2000s Quiz (Round 2)

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In the series 'Breaking Bad' who played the main character Walter White?
Bryan Cranston


The American crime drama 'The Wire' was set in which American city?


Who created and wrote the political drama 'The West Wing'?
Aaron Sorkin


Regarded by many as one of the greatest TV dramas of all time, which show was based around a family running a funeral parlour?
Six Feet Under


Which series from the 2000s featured the characters Sheldon and Leonard?
The Big Bang Theory


Crime and counter-terrorist series which ran to 2010 and featured a clock that is prominently displayed on-screen during the show.


Which TV comedy series follows the lives of employees at the fictional Sacred Heart teaching hospital?


In the series 'House' who played the part of 'Thirteen'?
Olivia Wilde