TV of the 2000s Quiz (Round 1)

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A stunt-filled comedy show starring Dom Jolly?
Trigger Happy TV


Comedy drama set on a council estate and created by Paul Abbott?


Starring the character DCI Jane Tennyson, the last of the 7 series was in 2006?
Prime Suspect


Running for 10 series from 2002 this MI5 drama starred Peter Firth?


The American adult animated sitcom South Park was created by which two writers?
Trey Parker and Matt Stone


Funny, semi-improvised family sit-com starring Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner as the parents.


In the police time-travel drama, Life on Mars, who played the role of Sam Tyler?
John Simm


Location, Location, Location has run from 2000, and has had which 2 hosts from the start?
Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsop