Wimbledon Tennis Quiz (Round 1)

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In which year were the first Wimbledon Championships held?


What does the acronym AELTC represent?
All England Lawn Tennis Club


How much does the moving roof on Centre Court weigh? a) 10 tons, b) 100 tons or c) 1000 tons
1000 tons


What event will take place between 20th June 2016 and 23rd June 2016 at Roehampton?


In 2015 how many bottles of Champagne were consumed at the championships? a) 8000, b)18000 or c) 28000


What feature at Wimbledon contains 74 dark green Lloyd Loom wicker chairs?
The Royal Box


In 2015 the prize money for winning the Men's Singles Championship was £1,880,000. How much did the winner get in 1968? a) 2000, b) 10,000, c) 20,000
a) 2000


Who is the only Wild Card to win the mens singles championship.
Goran Ivanisevic


What is 'The Rosewater Dish'?
The silver salver presented to the Ladies Singles champion


The club which now runs the All England Lawn Tennis championship was originally set up to play which sport?