Wimbledon Tennis Quiz (Round 2)

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In what year was the Championship was first televised? a) 1937 b) 1947 c) 1957
a) 1937


The match between Andy Murray and Stanislas Wawrinka on 29 June 2009 was the first to do what?
Be played entirely with the retractable roof closed


How many men contest the Mens Singles at Wimbledon?


As of 2016 who is the only wild card to win the Gentlemen's Singles Championship?

Goran Ivanišević in 2001.


How many wild cards are invited into the Ladies Singles Championship?


Since 2001 the Wimbledon courts have been sown with which type of grass? a) Blugrass b) Fine Fescue c) Perennial Ryegrass

c) Perennial Ryegrass


What is the capacity of the Centre Court? a) 15000 b) 17000 c) 19000
a) 15000


What is the principal responsibility of the 'Court Attendants' at all outside courts at Wimbledon?
To ensure that the courts are quickly covered when it begins to rain