1990s Music (Round 14)

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Which American group had a 1999 hit with 'You Get What You Give’?
The New Radicals


Which 1992 Charles & Eddie track opens with the line 'Look into my eyes, can't you see they're open wide?’?
Would I Lie To You?


In which year did Michael Jackson have hits with ‘Heal The World’ and 'Remember The Time’?


Stardust had a 1998 hit with which song that contains the refrain 'Love might / Bring us back together’?
Music Sounds Better With You


Which trio of brothers released the song 'Mmm Bop’ in 1997?


‘Children’ was a 1996 instrumental hit for which DJ?
Robert Miles


Take That teamed up with which 1960s Scottish singer on ‘Relight My Fire’ in 1993?


Complete the title of this 1992 Billy Ray Cyrus hit 'Achy Breaky …’?