1990s Music (Round 15)

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Wet Wet Wet had three UK number ones but only one was an original song written by the band. It was released in 1992. Can you name it?
Goodnight Girl



‘Wannabe’ was a 1996 hit for which British girl band?

The Spice Girls 


In which year did the following songs reach number one in the UK single chart? Celine Dion - ‘Think Twice’, Blur - ‘Country House’ and Simply Red - ‘Fairground’



Taken from the soundtrack to the 1997 film ‘Evita’, Madonna released which track originally recorded by Julie Covington in 1976?

'Don't Cry for Me Argentina’ 



Catatonia had a 1998 hit with 'Mulder And Scully’. From which TV series did the song take its’ name?
The X-Files


All Saints had a 1998 hit with their double A side 'Under The Bridge / Lady Marmalade’. Which American group originally recorded ‘Under The Bridge’?
Red Hot Chilli Peppers


The video to the 1998 U2 song ‘Sweetest Thing’ featured which successful Irish boxer?
Steve Collins


Complete the title of this 1994 Prince track 'The Most Beautiful Girl In The …’