1990s Music (Round 16)

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In which year did The Spice Girls have hits with ‘Viva Forever’, ‘Stop’, ‘Too Much’ and ‘Goodbye My Friend’?


Which eclectic American band had worldwide chart success with their single 'Dance The Night Away’ in 1998?
The Mavericks


Complete the title of this 1994 CJ Lewis single; ‘Sweets For My …'



Which American rock band released a cover of Harry Chapin’s ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ in 1993?

Ugly Kid Joe 



One of the most controversial songs of the 1990s was 'Ebeneezer Goode’. Which British electronic group released it in August 1992?
The Shamen



Which American singer had a 1991 hit with ‘Baby Baby’?

Amy Grant 



In 1992, R&B group The Pasadenas released a cover of ‘I’m Doin’ Fine Now’. Which American group released the original in 1973?

New York City



Complete the title of this 1994 Pato Banton track ‘Baby Come …’