2017 Gone but not Forgotten Quiz (Round 2)

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The following questions concern well know people who sadly passed away in 2017


Bill Paxton was an American film actor. In which film did he portray luner module pilot Fred Haise?
Apollo 13


Leo Baxendale was a cartoon artist responsible for 'The Bash Street Kids' and 'Minnie the Minx', but in which comic did they appear?


Peter Noble died in May aged 72, this well respected ex-professional footballer scored 28 penalties in his career. What is special about this feat?
He never failed to score from the penalty spot which is widely believed to be a world record.


Sir Roger Moore who passed away in May was famous for playing James Bond, but in which TV show did he star as Lord Brett Sinclair alongside Tony Curtis?
The Persuaders


Longest serving Blue Peter presenter, fondly remembered for "get down Shep".
John Noakes


This actor, well known for playing Alec Gilroy in Coronation Street, died in June.
Roy Barraclough


The Argentinian, Roberto De Vicenzo, died aged 94. At which sport did he excel?


Which actor, famous for starring in 'Last of the Summer Wine', was also the voice of Wallace in the Wallace and Gromit films?
Peter Sallis