2017 Quiz of the Year (Round 5)

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Which pop star leapt off the stadium roof in their performance at the 51st SuperBowl final? a) Beyonce b) Lady Gaga c) Pink
b) Lady Gaga


In golf, who won his first major with victory ay the U.S Masters?
Sergio Garcia


Donald trump was reported to have hung up on a telephone call to which head of state during a heated exchange over immigration.
Malcolm Turnbull - Australian Prime Minister


Alistair Cook resigned from which role?
England Cricket Captain


Which team became the first non-league side for 103 years to reach the last 8 of the FA Cup?
Lincoln City


The dictator of which country is said to be behind the assassination of his half brother at the airport in Kuala Lumpur?
North Korea


Which golf course has, after 237 years, finally allowed women to be admitted as members? a) Muirfield b) Royal Birkdale c) Troon
a) Muirfield


Who was the top of the Forbes Rich list for 2017?
Bill Gates