2017 Quiz of the Year (Round 4)

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Former Chancellor George Osborne was appointed editor of which newspaper?
Evening Standard.


In July Customs officials in Hong Kong seized 7.2 tons of what, hidden in a consignment of frozen fish? a) Cocaine b) Dollar bills c) Ivory
c) Ivory


Who was appointed in May as special counsel to oversee the FBI’s investigation of Russia’s efforts to influence the 2016 election?
Robert Mueller


The NASA spacecraft Juno, flew over which planet in July providing much information about a significant feature of the planet?


Who won this years Open Championship?
Jordan Speith


Who headlined the benefit concert when the M.E.N Arena re-opened?
Noel Gallagher


In May the Eurovision Song Contest was won by which country?


The 35th America's Cup was concluded in June where Oracle Team USA was thrashed 7-1 by a team from which country?
New Zealand