2018 Quiz of the Year (Round 5)

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The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest was won by which country?


Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge had their 3rd child in May and named him Louis Arthur Charles but what title does the child hold?
Prince Louis of Cambridge


Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa had one of the biggest selling singles of the year with which song?
One Kiss


Michael D. Higgins was officially declared President of which country in October


Which country won the most medals in the 2018 Winter Olympics? a) USA b) Austria c) Norway
c) Norway


Angelique Kerber became the womens wimbledon final champion when she beat who?
Serena Williams


One of the biggest selling singles of the year was the song 'God's Plan' by which Canadian rapper?


The final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup was played in July between which 2 nations?
France and Croatia