Anagrams Round 21 (Game of Thrones)

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The following are all clues to the names of Game of Thrones characters with clues given on the series they appeared in:


A Mains Jetliner (Series 1-8)

Jaime Lannister


Lab Astronomy (Series 3-6)

Ramsey Bolton


Near Yearns Tragedy (Series 1-8)

Daenerys Targaryen


Win Transiently (Series 1-5)

Tywin Lannister


Interlaces Rinse (Series 1-8)

Cersei Lannister


Task Array (Series 1-8)

Arya Stark


Traded Darks (Series 1)

Eddard Stark


Ancestry Talk (Series 1-3)

Catelyn Stark