Animal World Quiz (Round 12)

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A Rhinoceros horn is made of which substance?



True or False, a Salamander is an amphibian?



Due to it being very still and having the appearance of an aquatic vegetable, what is the Sea Slug commonly known as? a) Sea Spud b) Sea Lettuce c) Sea Cucumber

c) Sea Cucumber


How many legs does a Scorpion have?



What type of animal is a Russian Blue?



What type of creature is the Rock Hyrax? a) Mammal b) Bird c) Fish

a) Mammal


Scorpions are found worldwide, but how many species are there? a) less than 200 b) between 400 and 1000 c) around 2000

c) around 2000


The Ibizan Hound originates from which country?