Animal World Quiz (Round 5)

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Arachnophobia is the fear of what?


The Arctic hare is found in the northern regions of the Arctic Circle, but how heavy does it grow? a) 1kg b) 2-3kg c) 4-5kg
c) 4-5kg


The armadillo is native to which continent?
The Americas (North and South)


What is the normal lifespan of an Asian Elephant? a) 35 - 50 yrs b) 55-70yrs c) 75-90yrs
b) 55-70yrs


How long is a Blue Whale calf when it is born? a) 8ft b) 15ft c) 22ft
c) 22ft


What type of animal is a Booby?
A sea-bird


What is the collective name for a group of Crows?
A Murder


The Orang-utan is native to only 2 islands, one is Borneo, which is the other? a) Madagascar b) Sumatra c) Java
b) Sumatra