Animal World Quiz (Round 6)

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What type of animal is a Chamois?
Mountain goat


From where does the Bullfrog get it's name? a) Its large size b) Its loud cow like sound c) The ring through it's nose
b) Its loud cow like sound


Weighing between 35 to 60 lbs, which animal has the scientific name of Castor Canadensis?


Yorkshire Blue and White, and Wessex Saddleback are breeds of which animal?


Which tiger, considered to be the second largest tiger species in the world, is the national animal of Bangladesh?
The Bengal tiger


What gives the flamingo it's distinctive pink/orange colour?
From eating a particular type of algae.


The Birman cat is thought to have originated in which far eastern country?
Myanmar (Previously Burma)


The Cottontop tamarin is what type of animal?