Animal World Quiz (Round 7)

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Welsh, and Tamworth are breeds of which animal?


Although there are about 60 types of Eagle, only 2 are found in the USA, one is the Bald Eagle but what is the other?
Golden Eagle


What is the top speed of a Bottle Nosed Dolphin? a) 21mph b) 26mph c) 31mph
a) 21mph


Which animal, found in the waters of South America, has the scientific name of Electrophorus Electricus
Electric Eel


An Egyptian Mau is what kind of animal? a) Cat b) Dog c) Snake
a) Cat


How many species of Bumble Bees are there around the world? a) 25 b) 150 c) 250
c) 250


What type of animal is a Cuscus? a) a bird b) a mammal c) a reptile
b) a mammal


The Echidna, better known as spiny anteaters, share what special feature with only one other type of mammal?
They lay eggs (the other being the platipus)