Arsenal FC Quiz Round 1

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What year was the club founded? 1882, 1886 or 1890? 



What is the club's nickname?

The Gunners


What was the club originally called when founded in 1886?

Dial Square FC


In which year did Arsenal leave Highbury to move to the Emirates Stadium? 2006, 2007 or 2008?



As of 2015, Arsenal hold the record for FA Cup Final victories. How many times have they won the trophy?

Thirteen times


In 1925 Arsenal appointed Herbert Chapman as manager. Chapman had already tasted success having won the league twice with which club?

Huddersfield Town


Prior to Ian Wright breaking his record in 1997, Cliff Bastin held the title of Arsenal's all-time leading goalscorer. With which club did Cliff Bastin play before his move to Arsenal?

Exeter City


With which Scottish football club did Arsenal legend Alex James begin his career?

Raith Rovers


In which year did Arsenal win their first FA Cup Final? 1928, 1930 or 1932?



Prior to being renamed as 'Arsenal' in 1932, what was the name of the local London Underground station close to Highbury?

Gillespie Road


Who succeeded George Allison as manager and went on to win the league in 1947-48 and 1952-53?

Tom Whittaker


Which former England captain had a spell managing the club in the 1960s?

Billy Wright


Prior to his appointment as manager in 1966, which role within the club did Bertie Mee hold?



How old was Bertie Mee when he became Arsenal's youngest manager to date in 1966? 30, 32 or 34?