Australia Quiz (Round 3)

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What is the highest mountain in mainland Australia?
Mount Kosciuszko


In Australian Rules football, as of 2016, two teams share the record of most Premierships won with 16 apiece, one is Essendon, which is the other?


The Australian Parliament is the world's sixth oldest continuous democracy. Which 3 components make up parliament?
The Monarch, the Senate, and the House of Representatives.


In 2017 who is vice-captain of the Australian test cricket team?
David Warner


The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull attended which university? a) Brasenose College, Oxford b) Trinity College Cambridge c) Merton College Oxford
a) Brasenose College, Oxford


Constructed especially for World Expo 88, which prominent construction is a feature of the Brisbane skyline?
The Skyneedle


Rocky Elsom is apparently looking to buy out the Melbourne Rebels franchise? How many times did Elsom play in tests for the Wallabies? a) 55 b) 65 c) 75
c) 75


The Beehive Corner is a landmark in which city centre