December 2016 News Quiz (Round 1)

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American Michael 'Jim' Delligatti died this week aged 98. Which fast food staple did he invent?

The Big Mac


Gary Lineker celebrated his 56th birthday on Wednesday. As a Barcelona player, he held the record for the highest scoring British player in Spain's La Liga until he was surpassed by which player?

Gareth Bale


Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall have announced they are expecting a second child. What is Zara's relationship to Queen Elizabeth II?



Which country's beer culture has been added to UNESCO world heritage list this week?



Emma Morano is the world's oldest living human and this week she celebrated her birthday. How old was she?

a) 113 b) 115 c) 117

c) 117


Enzo, the son of which world famous footballer celebrated his senior debut this week with a goal scored whilst playing for his father's team?

Zinedine Zidane


With which member of One Direction has Cheryl announced she is expecting a baby?

a) Liam Payne b) Harry Styles c) Niall Horan

a) Liam Payne


Which English jazz pianist singer-songwriter known for "Don't Stop The Music" has released a Christmas single called 'Show Me the Magic'?

Jamie Cullum