December 2016 News Quiz (Round 4)

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It has been chaos on the trains this week due to a strike on which rail franchise?
Southern Rail


Which comic book superhero has had her appointment as a UN honorary ambassador cut in less than two months following protests?
Wonder Woman


Which rugby player posted a video to refute stories from fake news sites that he was dead? a) James Haskell b) Danny Cipriani c) Sam Burgess
a) James Haskell


Who was the presenter of the BBC weather from 1978 to his retirement in 1998, famed for his exhuberant style, large glasses and spitting image puppet, who died this week?
Ian McCaskill


The 'must have' celebrity accessory, has fueled a rise, last year, in the theft of what? a) smart phones b) Rolex watches c) dogs
c) dogs


Which brewing giant hopes to refresh Punch Taverns in a takeover that other brewers cannot reach?


Which Scottish city's councillors are considering if the city should celebrate the new year with silent fireworks?


Which ex-footballer has pledged to donate £500,000 worth of toys to a childrens charity?
Rio Ferdinand