Devon Quiz (Round 1)

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All the questions relate to the county of Devon

Which River forms a natural border between Devon and Cornwall?

The River Tamar


In February 2014, storms led to damage and closure of the railway line in which coastal town?



With its arch shaped rock, this beach saw a pygmy sperm whale washed up on it in the year 2002.



Running between Braunton and Meeth, this 32 mile traffic free route is named after which famous Otter featured in a book by Henry Williamson



With an area of 267 square miles what is the name of the National Park in North Devon?



What is the name of the football ground which shares it’s name with a Tyneside club?

St James Park.


Born in 1945 in Plymouth, what was the name of this former leader of the Labour Party?

Michael Foote


Brutus of Troy supposedly said ‘Here I stand and here I rest. And I name this town..........’