Disney Quiz Round 1

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In the film Frozen, who played the voice of Anna?
Kristen Bell


The film Tangled is a retelling of which German fairy tale?


In the film Maleficent, who plays the part of Aurora?
Ella Fanning


Which Disney film is set in Scotland and has Billy Connolly as the voiuce of Fergus?


In the 2011 Winnie the Pooh, which English comedian, writer and actor narrates the story?
John Cleese


In the film Cars, who voices the character Lightning McQueen?
Owen Wilson


In Herbie Fully Loaded, Lyndsay Lohan plays the character Maggie Payton, but who plays her father?
Michael Keaton


Jamie Lee Curtis and Lyndsay Lohan swap characters in which 2003 film?
Freaky Friday


Which film of 2000 stars Denzil Washington as a newly appointed football coach?
Remember the Titans


In Toy Story, who provides the voice of Buzz Lightyear?
Tim Allen