Eurovision 2017 Quiz (Round 1)

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Where is the 2017 edition of the competition being held?

a) Ukraine b) Sweden c) Denmark

a) Ukraine


True or false: Canada made their first appearance in the competition in 2015?

False, it was Australia


Which British artist performed the 2006 entry 'Teenage Life'?

Daz Sampson


What was the name of the 2016 winning entry, and who performed it?

1944: Jamala


Which country was Lordi representing when he won the 2006 edition with 'Hard Rock Hallelujah'?



In which year did Terry Wogan hand over the presenting role to Graham Norton?

a) 2006 b) 2009 c) 2012

b) 2009


Which group was the United Kingdom's last winner in 1997 with 'Love Shine a Light'?

Katrina & The Waves


Which country won the event for three consecutive years between 1992 and 1994?