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William Roach who plays the character Ken Barlow in Coronation Street acheived what record, acknowledged by Guinness World records in 2010, and has since extended that record?

He is the longest-serving actor in a televised soap opera.


American Country singer and member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, who had a massive hit with his duet with Dolly Parton.

Kenny Rogers


Scotland's most capped footballer with 102 appearences.

Kenny Dalglish


English comic actor and comedian who is best known for his roles in a comedy film series, but was also the voice of Willo the Wisp, and was a regular panellist on Just a Minute.

Kenneth Williams


This American Boxer defeated Mohammed Ali before losing the next two rematches, and went on to play the title role in the film Mandingo in 1975

Ken Norton


Ken Follett is a famous writer of thrillers and historical novels. In which country was he born?



Kenneth Bruce Gorelick is an American saxophonist and one of the best selling artists ever. By what name is he known on stage?

Kenny G


English actor who found fame for his role in the comedy film Genevieve but is still probably best remembered for the film Reach for the Sky.

Kenneth More


American comedy actor who played the Police Inspector Hans Wilhelm Fredrich Kemp in Young Frankenstein and the mad German playwright of Springtime for Hitler in the film The Producers.

Kenneth Mars


Star of the police series Wallander

Kenneth Branagh