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This famous musician formed his first group The Quarrymen when aged just 15.

John Lennon


American Blues singer whose biggest UK hit was Boom Boom.

John Lee Hooker


Ultimately responsible for the Bay of Pigs Invasion which happened during his presidency.

John F Kennedy


Starred in 142 films, the first being John Ford's Stagecoach.

John Wayne


English musician who had a UK number one with Love Me Again in 2013

John Newman


John Barrowman is well known for his musicals and acting on series such as Doctor Who and Torchwood. He as dual UK and USA citizenship. In which city was he born?



Co-founder of both Monty Python and The Secret Policeman's Ball a benefits show which raised funds for Amnesty International.

John Cleese


Tennis player known as much for his outbursts as for his sporting prowess.

John McEnroe


John Candy was a comedian and actor in films such as Uncle Buck. What was his nationality?



American actor and director who starred alongside Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Liaisons.

John Malkovich