Food and Drink Quiz (Round 16)

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Ribera del Duero is an important wine-producing area in the north of which country?


What is a Bedfordshire clanger?
A pasty, with a savoury filling at one end and a sweet filling at the other


If you were having a cocktail of cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice, what would it be called? a) Sidecar b) Woowoo c) Harvey Wallbanger
a) Sidecar


What is a quandong?
A fruit


As of 2013 which country was the largest producer of tea?


What type of fruit is a Banana? a) Drupe b) Pepo c) Berry
c) Berry


A Pentland Javelin is a what?


The cocktail of vodka, spicy ginger beer and lime juice if known as a Moscow what?