Football Quiz (Round 16 - Pele)

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In which Brazilian state was Pele born in October 1940?

a) Rio de Janeiro b) Bahia c) Minas Gerais

c) Minas Gerais


How old was Pele when he made his first senior appearance for the Brazilian national team?

a) 16 b) 17 c) 18

a) 16


With which Brazilian club did Pele begin his senior career?

a) Gremio b) Fluminense c) Santos

c) Santos


As of November 2016, Pele is the Brazilian national team's all-time leading goalscorer. How many goals did he score in 91 appearances?

a) 63 b) 77 c) 83

b) 77


Pele became the first footballer to score in three World Cups with a free kick goal scored against which nation in 1966?

a) Bulgaria b) Spain c) Hungary

a) Bulgaria


In which year did Pele win his last FIFA World Cup?

a) 1962 b) 1970 c) 1974

b) 1970


Pele became Honorary President of which football club in 2010?

a) New York Cosmos b) Santos c) Fulham

a) New York Cosmos 


Who said of Pele 'The greatest player in history of Di Stefano. I refuse to classify Pele as a player. He was above that.'?

a) George Best b) Ferenc Puskas c) Gordon Banks

b) Ferenc Puskas