Organisations From Around the World (Round 112)

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All the following questions relate to organisations from around the world


The United Nations Children's Fund is still referred to as UNICEF, but which 2 words from the original title have been dropped to leave the current name?
International and Emergency


Doctors Without Borders uses the acronim MSF, why?
It refers to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) founded in 1971


Which organization has a panda as its emblem?
World Wildlife Fund


What is the national mapping agency for Great Britain?
Ordnance Survey


Which financial organization is represented with the letters IMF?
International Monetary Fund


What do the letters OECD represent?
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development


The United Nations organization UNESCO refers to what?
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization


Which UK goverment department is responsible for the countryside?
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)


In what year was the United Nations formed? a) 1945 b) 1950 c)1955

a) 1945


Since 'Brexit' the acronym WTO has been much used in the UK, but what organisation does this represent?

World Trade Organization