Detective Jimmy McNulty (Round 116)

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The Luna 9 mission by the USSR in 1966 was the first to acheive what?
A controlled landing on the Moon


Who produced the first commercial steam engine, using a piston to pump water from a mine?
Thomas Newcomen


In which city are the Petronas Twin Towers?
Kuala Lumpur


Stephen Fry became a member of which theatrical club whilst studying at university?
Cambridge Footlights


Which pioneer of cartoon animation brought Popeye the Sailor to the screen?
Max Fleischer


What was the name of the childrens series that included the character 'Little Weed'
Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men


What is the term for the huge rocks or boulders which appear out of place in the landscape after being left there by a glacier?
Glacial Erratics


Argentina shares a border with how many other countries?
5 – Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Uruguay


Which iconic plane made its maiden flight in March 1936 and entered service with 19 Squadron in 1938?
Supermarine Spitfire


Which British actor played Detective James 'Jimmy' McNulty in all 60 episodes of the crime drama The Wire?
Dominic West