Watch Out, Beadle's About! (Round 205)

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Which American band had a 1997 UK number one single with 'Don't Speak'?

No Doubt


Which US actor plays the title character in the movie franchise 'Deadpool'?

Ryan Reynolds


What is the common name for the home of a badger?

Sett (set)


Joseph Smith Jr. founded which religious movement?



British band Biffy Clyro were founded in which country?



What is the first name of the presenter of 'Beadle's About!', an ITV practical jokes programme which ran from 1986 to 1996?



What is commonly known as the national fruit of India?



Edi Rama became Prime Minister of which country in 2013?

a) Albania b) Belarus c) Croatia

a) Albania


Plainmoor has been the home of which English football club since 1921?

Torquay United


Which Grade I thoroughbred horse race takes place at Belmont Park, New York every June?

Belmont Stakes