The Battle of Gettysburg (Round 124)

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The Battle of Gettysburg involved the largest number of casualties of the entire American civil war. Who led the Confederate forces?
Gen Robert E Lee


The Football Association, is the governing body of association football in England, and is the oldest football association in the world. When did it form? a) 1853 b) 1863 c) 1873
b) 1863


Which is the longest river wholly in France?


Henri Cornet was a winner of the Tour de France, but what record does he still hold (as of March 2016)?
He is the youngest ever winner


Which American state, whose capital is Lincoln, became the 37th state of the USA 150 years ago 


Port Arthur was one of the largest penal colonies of the British Empire, but in which part of Australia was it?


What percentage of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide? a) less than 1% b) 1 to 5% c) more than 5%
a) less than 1% (0.037%)


Haweswater, in the Lake District, was built from 1929 to supply water to which city?


Which gardens were originally created by members of the Cornish Tremayne family, and restored in the 1990s after the gardens fell into neglect after the first world war?
The Lost Gardens of Heligan


Nelson's flagship HMS Victory is docked where?