The Battle of Marston Moor (Round 140)

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During which war did the Battle of Marston Moor take place in 1644 ?
English Civil War


Serge Gainsbourg who had a controversial hit with the song Je t'aime, but who else featured on the recording?
Jane Birkin


Who sponsors the England and Wales County Championship since 2016?


Sydney is the capital of which Australian region?
New South Wales


The Ericsson Globe, as of 2017, is the world’s largest hemispherical building but in which city is it?


Which cricket commentator was known as 'Blowers'?
Henry Blofeld


In what year did Alexander Graham Bell patent the telephone? a)1836 b) 1856 c) 1876
c) 1876


Which record did Kevin Pressman create whilst playing for Sheffield Wednesday against Wolverhampton Wanderers on 13 August 2000? a) most penalty saves in normal time (3) b) Fastest substitution (15 seconds) c) Fastest red card (13 seconds)
c) Fastest red card - 13 seconds 


Roman Polanski the film director was born in which country?


The name of the Argentinian capital translates to what in English?
Good Winds/Air