General Knowledge Quiz (Round 130)

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Which French chemist is renowned for his discovery of the principles of vaccination?

Louis Pasteur


Which American rock group recorded "The Cover of 'Rolling Stone'"?

Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show


Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez is regular character from the opening seasons of which US drama?

House of Cards


Diana, princess of the Amazons is the alter ego of which female super hero?

Wonder Woman


Which British rock star said "There's Elvis and me. I couldn't say which of the two is best."?

Liam Gallagher


Chris Chibnall created which British television crime drama starring Olivia Coleman and David Tennant?



Honey, Apidae and Carpenter are types of what?



Which British socialite became 'Lady Glen Affric' following her May 2017 marriage?

Pippa Middleton


What is the name of the American statistician known for his criticisms of Microsoft PowerPoint?

Edward Tufte


Which celebrity couple married at Belvedere, Florence in Italy in 2014?

Kim & Kanye West