The Most Successful Major League Baseball Team (Round 133)

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Which city is the capital of Western Australia?


Jean Reno, star of the films Ronin and Leon, was born in which north african country?


Which is the most successful major league baseball team in terms of most World Series won?
New York Yankees


In 1986 a fire badly damaged which London Palace?
Hampton Court Palace


Aqua fortis is the more common name for which dangerous chemical?
Nitric acid


In the bible, what relationship was Seth to Adam?


The wine region of Marlborough produces almost three quarters of which southern hemisphere's country's wine?
New Zealand


In weather, a high pressure system is also known as what?

a) Cyclone b) Anticyclone c) Warm Front
b) Anticyclone


Ares was the Greek god of what?


The USA purchased Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million in what year?

a) 1867 b) 1877 c) 1887
a) 1867