The Southernmost Point of Mainland Europe (Round 143)

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Which town is at the southernmost point of mainland Europe?


Quicksilver in the old common name for which element?


What is the largest and heaviest living land animal?
African Bush Elephant


The story of Bambi (Bambi, a Life in the Woods) was first published in which country?

a) Austria b) France c) USA
a) Austria


In terms of area which region is larger, South Australia or New South Wales?
South Australia


In which country of the UK would you find the hamlet of Brokenwind?


Which lake forms half of Vermont's western border with the state of New York?
Lake Champlain


The Battle of Princeton was fought between which two countries?
Great Britain and USA


The Brooklyn Bridge linking Manhatten and Brooklyn spans which body of water?
The East River


What unit of pressure equates to 14.7 psi(pounds per square inch)?
Standard Atmosphere