The Mohs Scale (Round 158)

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What is the Mohs scale?
A measure the relative hardness of a mineral by its resistance to scratching


Which Dynasty actor voiced the unseen Charles Townsend in the TV show Charlie’s Angels?
John Forsythe


The river Plate has which capital city on it's banks?
Buenos Aires


Which company manufactures and distributes the video game PES2018


Slettnes Lighthouse is the northernmost lighthouse on the European mainland, but in which country is it?


Hole 8 and named Yellow Jasmine is the longest hole on which major golf course?


Which duo had an 80's hit with "Do That to Me One More Time"?
Captain & Tennille


North African capital city whose name when translated from Arabic means 'Fortified Place'


Why did snooker player Jimmy White change his name to Jimmy Brown briefly during the 2005 season.
To reflect the colour of his sponsor's product (HP sauce)


When the waters of the Pacific Ocean become cooler it is called what?
El Niña