The Mariana Trench (Round 17)

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The questions and answers within this quiz were verified and updated in July 2020.


In astronomy the term 'planet' is taken from ancient Greek. What is the literal meaning in English?

Wandering Star


Which Eastern European flag has a black double headed eagle on a red background?



The Mariana Trench lies where?

It is the deepest point on earth, below the Pacific Ocean.


Ernest Hemingway wrote about Robert Jordan, an American fighting with the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War. Name the novel.

For Whom the Bel Tolls


In Darts the board should be how far from the thowing line?

a) 6ft 93/4  b) 7ft 93/4  c)8ft 93/4

b) 7ft 93/4 in


Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars teamed up for the biggest selling record of 2015. Name the song.

Uptown Funk


What is the name for the rock which forms when molton rock cools and solidifies?

Igneous rock


In golf, who won the Masters in 2019 having last won it in 2005?

Tiger Woods


What was the name of the Russian chemist who first developed the Periodic Table of the Elements?

a) Dimitri Mendeleev b) Stanislao Cannizzaro c) Mikhail Lomonosov

a) Dimitri Mendeleev


How would you say the word 'Car' in Spanish?