Please Don’t Let Me Go (Round 176)

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Titan is a moon orbiting which planet?


Why are there 13 stripes on the USA flag?
It represents the original 13 British colonies


Which colour of Kryptonite would permenently remove super powers from Superman?


What is the name of the bridge that spans the Arno, in Florence, at its narrowest point and famously has shops built along its length.
Ponte Vecchio


What role is Sir Arthur Harris best known for in WWII?
Head of Bomber Command


The Arctic hare is found in the northern regions of the Arctic Circle, but how heavy does it grow?

a) 1kg b) 2-3kg c) 4-5kg
c) 4-5kg


'Please Don’t Let Me Go' was the debut single of which former X Factor contestant?
Olly Murs


Which book, written in verse, is about a mouse taking a walk in a European forest?
The Gruffalo


Boeing Field named after William Edward Boeing, services which American city, which was established as a major centre for aircraft manufacure after WWII


In Australia, the Indian Pacific rail service travels between which two cities?
Sydney and Perth