Peter the Great (Round 192)

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In politics, which 'A" is to refuse to vote for or against a motion?



Which British Open Golf venue would you find in Gullane, Scotland?

a) Muirfield b) St Andrews c) Carnoustie

a) Muirfield


Which long time presenter of the BBC News at Ten was born in Brigend, Wales in 1961?

Huw Edwards


Where was the host city of the 2000 Olympic Summer Games take place?

Sydney, Australia


Which 1994 musical based on a Disney movie featured music from Elton John with lyrics from Tim Rice and a score created by Hans Zimmer?

The Lion King


Jack & Meg White make up which musical duo?

The White Stripes


Aneto is the highest point in which European mountain range?



Peter the Great ruled which country between 1682 and 1725?

a) Russia b) Germany c) England

a) Russia


Which Hollywood family consists of Henry, Jane, Peter and Bridget?



Which American TV series starring Elisabeth Moss based on a 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood won a Golden Globe in 2017?

The Handmaid's Tale