Maurice, Roy and Jen (Round 182)

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Which 'H' is a coastal location where ships may find shelter?



Which US singer had to cut short her 'Joanne World' tour in early 2018?

Lady Gaga


In which British sitcom might you find Maurice, Roy and Jen working at Reynholm Industries?

The IT Crowd


Which 'CA' was British Prime Minister between 1945 and 1951?

Clement Attlee


With which country might you associate the music instrument Bodhrán?

a) Norway b) Ireland c) Germany

b) Ireland


Published by Max Hamilton in 1960, which condition is commonly measured by the Hamilton Rating Scale?



Which of the following is the most southernly racecourse in the UK?

a) Newton Abbot b) Kempton c) Towcester

a) Newton Abbot


What is the name of Edmund Blackadder's servant and sidekick in the BBC series Blackadder?



Which 'O' is a blackish coloured volcanic glass formed when lava cools quickly?



Can you name the two colours that form the flag of Albania?

Red & Black