Menlo Park, California (Round 236)

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Scotland's Forth Bridge crosses which body of water?

Forth of Firth


Which is the most westernly railway station on a standard London Monopoly board?

a) Marylebone Station b) King's Cross c) Liverpool Street

a) Marylebone Station


In the USA, the 'founding fathers' jointly signed which document?

Declaration of Independence


What is US President Donald Trump's middle name?

a) John b) James c) Joseph

a) John


Which British politician quit as both the cabinet and the Conservative Party in 2019 stating “I no longer believe leaving with a deal is the government’s main objective.”

Amber Rudd


Which famous internet giant was founded at Menlo Park, California in September 1998?



On British television, Caroline Flack is best known for presenting which ITV2 reality show?

Love Island


James Patterson teamed up with which former US president to write the fictional novel 'The President is Missing'?

Bill Clinton


Which British actor has starred as Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock since 2010?

Benedict Cumberbatch


Which English football club are known as The Canaries?

Norwich City