Eddie Longshanks (Round 183)

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Edward I, known as Edward Longshanks, was from which royal house?



The city of Detroit is known by which nickname?

Motor City


The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, which has the longest central span of any suspension bridge in the world, links which two of Japan's main islands?

Honshu and Shikoku


A septennial event happens how often?

7 years


Ascorbic acid is the name for which vitamin?



In Peter and the Wolf, which character is represented by the Bassoon? a) Wolf b) Grandfather c) Duck

b) Grandfather


What is the normal lifespan of an Asian Elephant? a) 35 - 50 yrs b) 55-70yrs c) 75-90yrs

b) 55-70yrs


Which boxer perhaps the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in boxing history, was born Walker Smith, but how is he better known?

Sugar Ray Robinson


Comedy actress, Rebel Wilson, who was in the films Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect was born in which country?



Which city's airport is named after George Best?