Kangaroos Can Only Jump Forwards (Round 196)

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Which planet in our solar system is closest to the sun?



Which actor played Richard III in the 1995 British film drama of the same title?

Ian McKellen


True or false: Kangaroos can only jump forwards

False: they can jump backwards a very small distance


Which Marvel superhero, also known as Steve Rogers, made his first appearance in March 1941?

Captain America


According to a 2015 survey, on average how long does a person spend on social media each day?

a) 42 minutes b) 69 minutes c) 100 minutes

c) 100 minutes


Which English football club play at Roots Hall?

Southend United


By average airspeed velocity, which bird is faster? The peregrine falcon or the Common swift?

Peregrine falcon


Which historic agreement was sealed in Runnymede, Windsor in June 1215?

Magna Carta


How many British colonies on the east coast of the USA signed the original declaration of independance?



How would you say 'welcome' in Italian?