General Knowledge Quiz Round 2

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Which Hollywood, California born actor is known for starring in films including Inception, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Departed, amongst others?

Leonardo DiCaprio


Who was the Greek god of the Sea?



Which soul singer enjoyed fleeting success in the UK as the first winner of the TV series X-Factor?

Steve Brookstein


Which is the only country to have taken part in every football World Cup finals?



Charles Darwin features on which British bank note?

Ten pound note


How old was Frodo when he came of age in the book Fellowship of the Rings?

33 years old


Which former American Footballer went on to play Apollo Creed in the Rocky film series?

Carl Weathers


What is the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Beatrice of York?



What is the name of the founder of the company Amazon who later went on to purchase The Washington Post newspaper?

Jeff Bezos


Which Spanish region is known for the Tempranillo black grape wine variety?