The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes (Round 270)

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The 'Girl with Kaleidoscope eyes' features in which Beatles song?

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds


The Labrador Peninsula is in which country?



Which common phrase originates with British naval hero Horatio Nelson's refusal to use his good eye when looking through a telescope at oncoming opponents?

'Turn a blind eye'


Which value coin was introduced to Britain in 1998?

Two pound coin


The red rose is the symbol of which British political party?



Which comic strip dog has been called "the world's most famous beagle"?



'Dreams From My Father' is the title of a 1995 memoir from which US politician?

Barack Obama


Taking it's name from the Greek word for 'to give what is due', who is the Greek god of Revenge?



By population, which is the largest city in Yorkshire?



Figaro is a barber and character in which Rossini opera?

The Barber of Seville