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When did January 1st become the official start of the year for the majority of Great Britain and colonies? a) 1552 b) 1652 c) 1752
c) 1752


Which U.S. President signed the bill limiting the driving speed to 55mph to conserve fuel?
Richard Nixon


Which commander defeated the British General Lord Cornwallis at the Battle of Princeton?
American General George Washington


In 1925 who announced that he was taking dictatorial powers over Italy?
Benito Mussolini


In 1972 Rose Heilbron became what? a) The first female conductor of the Halle Orchestra b) The first female member of the Cabinet c) The first female judge to sit at the Old Bailey
c) The first female judge to sit at the Old Bailey


In 2004 the NASA rover Spirit landed successfully on which planet?


Who became the first female Speaker of the House in the U.S.A in 2007?
Nancy Pelosi


Which king died childless in 1066 which lead to the Norman Conquest?
Edward the Confessor


In 1968 which leader came to power in Czechoslovakia and started the 'Prague Spring' movement which was crushed by the Soviets 8 months later?
Alexander Dubček


The French were defeated by the British in what proved to be their last attempt to capture which island in 1781?