History Quiz Round 3

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Whose circus started its first tour of the United States in 1835?
P.T. Barnum


Who was the suffragette who was killed after she ran out in front of King George V's horse, Anmer, at the Epsom Derby.
Emily Davison


Which British Secretary of State for War resigned following a sex scandal in 1963?
John Profumo


1649 was the year in which the King of England was executed. Who was he?
King Charles I


The Menai Suspension Bridge which connects Anglesey to the mainland was built by which Scottish Civil Engineer?
Thomas Telford


Sir Winston Churchill died and was buried in January of which year?


In 1856 Queen Victora established the Victoria Cross to recognize acts of bravery during which war?
Crimean War


The first Holy Roman Emperor died in 814. What was his name?


In 1547, 9 year old Edward VI becomes king following the death of his father. Who was his father?
Henry VIII


What did James W. Marshall find at Sutter's Mill near Sacramento in 1848?