It Happened in April (Round 2)

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All the following questions refer to events which occurred in April


The internet now seems to have been around forever, but when did Google first give people access to its message service Gmail? a) 2000 b) 2002 c) 2004
c) 2004


Chris Evans was born in April 1966, he started his showbiz career as a radio broadcaster, but which was his first TV programme?
The Big Breakfast


Marvin Gaye died in April 1984, how?
Shot by his father


In 1860, which mail service was established in the USA?
Pony Express


In April 1888 the first of a series of eleven brutal murders took place in or near which London district?


The Marshall plan, giving aid to countries ravaged by war, was signed off in 1948 by which American president?
Harry S. Truman


In April 1581, which seafarer was knighted following his circumnavigation of the world?
Sir Francis Drake


Which American president died in 1841 and in doing so became the first serving president to die in office
William Henry Harrison